Re: FPIs

[Charles Goldfarb:]

| >2. If you start creating FPIs that begin "-//SUN::SUNSOFT" then you
| >can count on spending the next few years of your life in court with
| >our trademark lawyers.
| Sun undoubtedly has an ISBN publisher's prefix. Why not just prefix it
| to your FPIs and use the standard the way it is supposed to be used?

I have my own ideas about how the standard is supposed to be used.

| Your present approach is reminiscent of a B western where the powerful
| rancher takes over a part of the unfenced common pasturage and
| threatens anyone who "trespasses" on it. Beware ... Roy Rogers is
| still alive and well (and living in Victorville, California).

My point was that you can make your own publisher prefix without
getting permission from, or paying an annual fee to, a naming
authority.  Any corporation or trademark owner can use their
intellectual property rights to assert control over the use of their
name in an FPI, not just companies the size of Sun.  FPIs can in
practice serve as unique identifiers in the absence of naming