Re: Simple solution? Pub. Idents. vs URN.

Jon Bosak wrote:

> To think of "the document" as a thing bound to a location in the same
> way that one thinks of "the machine" as a thing bound to a location
> is, in my opinion, to commit a category error that hopelessly muddles
> all further thought on the subject.  The notion that there is One True
> Copy of a text stopped being accurate with the invention of the
> printing press, and we stopped referencing documents that way even
> before then.  The biggest problem with URLs is that in attempting to
> implement hypertext they misrepresent the idea of text itself.

That is right.  The idea of a "record of authority" is still 
with us.  It is the legal master copy.  I consider that a document 
management problem, and then a location problem.