Re: FPIs

On Wed, 27 Nov 1996, Paul Prescod wrote:

> But PUBLIC identifiers put that redirection under the control of end-users.
> There are numerous techniques for doing redirection on the server side.

And that is why they are critical to me. Not that there may be lookup 
but that there must be and on the client side.
But perhaps that is exactly what we are trying to avoid.  
A URL is all on the front end.  An FPI is 
by definition NOT on the front end and guarantees indirection.
Are we trying to forbid indirection and force front-endedness?
Is that the objection?

Because of ownership, accidental name duplication is very easy to avoid. 
Both registered and unregistered (the 99% case) provide simple but very 
real duplication protection.  (It is easy to screw up your own stuff but 
very hard to screw up someone elses if you follow the rules at all.)