At 10:54 PM 11/26/96 -0800, Jon Bosak wrote:
>Of course it's not technically incorrect.  One of the reasons for
>using XML is to enable every imaginable variety of output treatments.
>You are perfectly free to use whatever output process specification
>you want.  

I think Len is asking if it is technically or politically valid to *require*
conforming XML browsers to support DSSSL. If that is not our goal, then he
probably does not mind that we will refine DSSSL-O, "while we are all
together." I think that the quote that has us  a little confused is:
"Personally, I think that the only strategy that makes sense here is the
full frontal attack: enable dsssl-o processing through plug-ins or applets
and insist that real XML browsers are browsers with dsssl-o capabilities. "

Do you mean "insist as a set of users that this is what we want" or "insist
as a standards group that this is what is conforming?"

 Paul Prescod