Re: Pro-FPI manifesto. (Actually a one-character correction to get FPIs for free)

At 5:01 PM 11/26/96, Terry Allen wrote:
>That was my idea too, but it would encompass URCs, and I'm not
>sure that we want to get into resolution by URCs (bags-o-metadata).
>One might better point to a URC by an URL or URN.
I agree about URCs being fishy... still, we're only on the hook if someone
thinks they've solved the URC problem (which is a small worry for the near

>URNs would be PUBLIC, not SYSTEM, I would think.

Well, they ought to be, but my point was that the sentiment against PUBLIC
could carry the day and we will still be alright (assuming that the URN:
prefix goes through). I mean from an SGML point of view URNs are SYSTEM
(because they're not native to SGML itself). I tend to agree that encoding
FPIs as URNs in a SYSTEM identifier is kinda weird, but then the whole web
is kinda weird...

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