Re: FPIs

>The only thing in practice today that an FPI gives you is that you can
>compare it to one in a printed standard... anything downloaded over the
>net is likely to differ from the formally published text anyway, and there
>is not yet any way to resolve FPIs automatically that does not involve
>writing a letter to the GCA or ISO...

Broken practice isn't a reason not to design something correctly in the
first place. Had URIs preceded HTML, we'd see a very different Web today.

>If you want the kind of indirection a catalog gives you, you can use
>Apache 1.1 and put Redirect or Alias commands in an .htaccess file.

This may work, but would you advocate this to a Fortune 500 as a solution?

>For non-Internet use, I don't see FPIs as an issue right now.

Agreed. But I'm assuming we'll want to use XML on the Internet, where FPIs
will be, if not essential, at least very useful.


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