Re: FPIs

On 26-NOV-1996 dlapeyre@mulberrytech.com wrote:

>I heard James and I canot refute what he says.  But I am one of the 
>voices asking loudly for FPIs.  I don't ask that anything be done with 
>their little insides (semantically, syntactically, or anything else you 
>can think of).  I would be content if they could be viewed as
>one long silly-looking string that we use in a character for character 

I concur, with one extra request that shouldn't be difficult.  When the
"F"PI is presented to the application or entity manager, it should be
compressed IAW 8879:

        "A minimum literal is interpreted by ignoring RS and replacing a
         sequence of one or more RE and/or SPACE characters with a single
         SPACE, except that such a sequence is ignored if it occurs at the
         start or end of the minimum literal."

I believe this is the same algorithm used for COLLAPSE handling of mixed-
content elements.

(NB:  This is my first attempt with a new mail handler.  Pls forgive if
I screw up the formatting or whatever.  -D.P.)

Dave Peterson