Jon Bosak wrote:
> [Len Bullard:]
> | It would seem the first issue would be if designing
> | XML requires one to also design styles and hyperlinks.
> | For SGML, those are separate issues traditionally.
> | Why in XML are they not?
> You cannot have a high-end delivery vehicle for the Web unless you have
> 1. Structure
> 2. Hyperlinking
> 3. Presentational semantics.

Not at issue.  Structure has been resolved with some issues 
remaining that need a Technical Corrigendum for SGML.
Hyperlinking is to be discussed next and the presentational 
semantics are the last item.  Ok so far?

> These have been our three explicit deliverables since we started this
> activity.
> Please read the activity statement.

I have read the activity statement.  Why is that an obstacle to 
a reasonable discussion of the questions I am raising?