Re: Boston, for those who weren't there


> A downside - at some point early in
>the week [Monday?] Gavin Nicol had his nice new Volvo totaled but
>I gather walked away from it.  I never saw him again; if anyone can
>post reassuring us of Gavin's good health that would be welcome.

Gavin is alive and well (if without his glasses!), and currently
recouperating by driving around Spain after a successful week at the W3C
Internationalization and Multilingualism conference in Seville, at which he
gave valuable support to my presentation on XML, and to other aspects of the
role of DSSSL in processing multilingual documents properly.

You might like to consider, carefully, the fact that ISO 10646 support is
not fully available from CSS1 when looking at stylesheet issues for XML.
While Bert Bos has now been made aware of what is needed for CSS2 in this
field there are still likely to be many issues of multilingual document
production that are not supported by CSS2 but are supported by DSSSL.

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