Re: XML Introduction

Paul Prescod wrote:
> >Agreed.  Would XML ever contain VRML?
> Why not? Isn't VRML a good language for embedding a 3D representation of
> financial data? Or of a room?

Sure.  I just wasn't sure about using it inline.  OTH, why not.

> >VRML x.x might contain XML.
> ...
> >We also considered that HTML was a particular
> >text application, and that others might be needed or desired.
> Good decision!

There was a lot of discussion about the ease of implementation 
of embedding text apps inside VRML objects, although, it isn't
impossible.  Requiring it seemed burdensome at the time but 
there were several good arguments, some from Tim Bray and Gavin 
Nicol who may remember them, for having this kind of functionality in
VRML.  We disagreed on the HTML-only aspects.  The consensus seemed to
be, "that's 
what frames are for".  BTW, VRML does not cite a frame directly but 
includes a target attribute for which a frame is given as an example.