Re: XML Introduction

Paul Prescod wrote:
> "XML documents are made up of storage units called entities, which contain
> either text or binary data."
> Could we say "XML text or non-XML text?" I am not sure in what sense an
> ASCII inclusion (e.g. a VRML world) is more "binary" than an XML document.

Agreed.  Would XML ever contain VRML?  VRML x.x might contain XML. 
were some long discussions on having a structured text representation
for 2.0.
HTML was considered, but it was decided that simpler text was preferable 
for the current systems.  We also considered that HTML was a particular 
text application, and that others might be needed or desired.

VRML 1.0 is ASCII.  VRML 2.0 is UTF8.

The definition is looser than is comfortable.  Isn't the notion of
stronger?  Text or binary seems weakly-defined.

len bullard