"." as CSS Class Selector Shortcut char

At 01:45 AM 11/16/96 -0500, Arjun Ray wrote:
>At 10:39 AM 11/15/96 -0800, Chris Wilson (PSD) wrote:
>>It's not actually lost; any character can be escaped in a CSS selector
>>name.  According to section 7.2 of the CSS PR, 
>>Does this suffice to address your concerns?
>No. It would be much simpler all around for interoperability if CSS1 abided
>by the naming conventions of the Reference Concrete Syntax. In fact, insofar
>as CSS1 has some (integral?) relation with HTML, I see no reason why it
>shouldn't square with naming conventions legal in HTML.

Perhaps CSS could choose from:

_~`!@"$%^&*;:'<>/?, etc.

Really, the only "funny characters" allowed within names in HTML or SGML RCS
DTDs are ".-". SGML is really not being unreasonable on this point.

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