Re: -XML-space attribute in XML draft of 14-Nov-96

At 05:45 PM 11/15/96 -0500, John_Lavagnino@brown.edu wrote:
>Section 2.8 says that
>   XML processors must behave as though every element encountered
>   in the document had an attribute declared thus:
>      -XML-space (preserve|collapse) #IMPLIED

Yup, that language could be improved.  What I think we
mean is that of course you can declare such an attribute for
some element (presumably #FIXED might come in handy) in your
DTD, and this would not certainly not contravene the language
about "using it for a purpose other than..." - or in a 
well-formed doc where you don't have a DTD, you could just slap 
the -XML-SPACE="KEEP" on any old start-tag you wanted to.

This should be made more explicit and straightforward. - Tim