Re: ERB discussions and decisions: entities

At 20:53 14/11/96 EST, lee@sq.com wrote:
>> To the lasting disappointment of the humorists among
>> us, the name squot was dropped in favor of apos, which occurs in 8879
>> Annex D, set ISOnum, as do the others.
>Note that " is a single quote, which does not occur in ASCII.

quot is defined as in 8879 as quotation mark, which is ISO standard name for
the ASCII " character. HTML also defines quot as the ASCII " character.

>I am very pleased with the decision to reduce the list of predefined
>entities to a manageable number.  I'm not actually sure why any beyong
>< and & are needed, although > is good for symmetry.

gt is included because ]]> is recognized even outside marked sections.

>The current situation is so much of an improvement that it seems almost
>churlish to ask this, but why is ' included when it is not
>recognised in plain text?

apos and quot are included for escaping LIT and LITA in literals.