RE: CSS1 becomes W3C Proposed Recommendation

Sorry, I haven't been paying as close attention to this list as perhaps
I should have.  What's the problem with CSS using '.' as a class
selector indicator?

Chris Wilson

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>Subject:	CSS1 becomes W3C Proposed Recommendation
>If we want to change the CSS class selector character from ".", we should
>set whatever political process is needed into motion immediately. There are
>only a few implementations now. We should fix this now.
>We should also consider approaching the HTML ERB to ask them to change the
>HTML DTD to be compatible with the XML-HTML DTD as soon as possible (HTML
>3.2? Cougar?). This change should not invalidate current documents.
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>Subject: CSS1 becomes W3C Proposed Recommendation
>From: Hakon Lie <howcome@w3.org>
>The CSS1 specification has moved from being a W3C Working Draft to a
>W3C Proposed Recommendation. From [1]:
>Cascading Style Sheets, level 1
>W3C Proposed Recommendation 12 Nov 1996
> ..
>Status of this document
>This document is in the course of review by the members of the
>World-Wide Web Consortium. This is a stable document derived from
>internal Working Drafts of the W3C HTML Editorial Review Board and the
>public working draft WD-css1-960911. Details of this review have been
>distributed to member's representatives. Comments by non-members
>should be sent to www-style@w3.org.
>The review period will end on 11 December 1996 24:00 GMT. Within 14 days
>from that time, the document's disposition will be announced: it may become
>a W3C Recommendation (possibly with minor changes), or it may revert to
>Working Draft status, or it may be dropped as a W3C work item. This document
>does not at this time imply any endorsement by the Consortium's staff or
>member organizations.
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