Re: ERB discussions and decisions: entities

Lee Quinn <lee@sq.com> writes:
>> To the lasting disappointment of the humorists among
>> us, the name squot was dropped in favor of apos, which occurs in 8879
>> Annex D, set ISOnum, as do the others.
>Note that &quot; is a single quote, which does not occur in ASCII.
>(many implementations include a single quote at position 39 instead
>of an apostrophe, but this is in error) [...]

from HTML 2.0 (RFC 1866):

    "       &quot;      &#34;        Quotation mark

op.cit., '13. The HTML Coded Character Set':

    &#34;           Quotation mark
    &#39;           Apostrophe

Why do you say &quot; is a single quote? ASCII 34 is a double quote.


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