Re: (Repeat) Decision: C.4 (Predefined entities)

Murray Maloney explained the history of the Symbol-font entities,
ending with:

> So, I unashemedly agree with Jon's request. An XML application
> should and must be capable of faithfully processing a well-defined
> and agreed set of named character entities, even in the absence of
> declarations for those named character entities. And while I would
> prefer that this set be as comprehensive as possible, I submit that
> the minimum set that is supportable with "very little effort" is the
> set which includes all of the ASCII set (dec 32-126), all of the
> 8859-1 set (dec 158?-255), and those characters from the Adobe
> Symbol set that have corresponding names among the ISO list of named
> character entities.

I don't have a problem with defaulted entity names.

But if I want to redefine an entity, I'd better bloody well be able
to, or I'm going to be quite peeved.  It's quite possible that this
will make downconversion from SGML untenable for some potential users.

<!ENTITY crism PUBLIC "-//EBT//NONSGML Christopher R. Maden//EN" SYSTEM
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