Too late, is it?

I am (choosing my words carefully) disappointed that there has not
been any indication of willingness on the part of the ERB to respond
to the virtually unanimous criticism of the proposed empty element
`solution' from the postings to this list in the week since the draft
appeared.  The non-overrideability of the welded-in entity list has
had a similar history.  Have I missed something, or is all discussion
about anything other than typos now pointless?

I note that some weasle-wording has been added to v002 which refers to
"detecting HTML documents", but the result drives a coach-and-four
through the carefully crafted definitions of "well-formed" and
"valid".  That is, I take it that although documents with any of the
elect eleven empty errors are neither well-formed nor valid, they are
never-the-less required not to cause errors, and in fact to be
processed `correctly' by anything claiming to be an XML application.

This is very close to optional features in by the back door, when we
thought they'd been squashed, and for good reason!