Please listen, Microsoft (was: Comments: through clause 3)

At 10:26 PM 11/12/96 EST, lee@sq.com wrote:
>> When did the ERB decision announced as "1. Reservation of name space"
>> change from .XML. to -XML-?  Not that it matters, really.
>some time ago, since the current draft "CSS1" style system can't cope with
>dots in element types.  I am not sure why this is relevant to XML, though,
>or, if it is, why it can't be fixed in CSS1, which is also a W3C thing.

It *needs* to be fixed in CSS1. Using '.' to separate GIs in a hierarchic
context specification, as in
   X.Y.Z { foo: bar }

clashes with the fact that '.' is a name character. CSS1 should use
something like '/' instead. 

But will this be fixed? Nobody ever fixed the problem of CGI '&'s in
attribute value literals.