Re: Comments: through clause 3

I'm not one of the editors, but I wanted to reassure you that Tim
and Michael are hearing from others on lots of the same topics.  (I've
just sent volume 6 (!) of my spec comments to the ERB, and many of
them duplicate yours.)  I know they're taking all comments seriously,
but at this point it may be hard for them at this point to both crank 
out the next spec version in time, *and* respond to individual 


At 12:06 AM 11/13/96 GMT, Christopher R. Maden wrote:
>Here's what I've found so far.  Nearly all of this is different from
>comments sent last night; what's not is explicitly marked "Carried
>from 0.01."  I'd appreciate some reaction, even if it's "that was too
>long to bother reading".  I feel my last comments went into a void.