Re: SPACE...

>> I18nists, speak up now.  Reduce them all or not?  In favor:  it's
>> simple behavior, it is easily understood, and all white space is
>> treated the same.  Against:  well, I don't know whether there is any
>> argument against, that's what I am asking:  *is* there an argument
>> against?  Is the distinction between SPACE, half-width space,
>> en-space, em-space, double-width space, zenkaku space, etc., to be
>> preserved in a way that the distinction between SPACE and TAB is not
>> preserved?  
>In markup, I think that if something looks like whitespace, 
>it should act like whitespace and be treated as 

I think Rick's statement is something we should all note. This is
the right approach: clean and obvious.