Re: (Repeat) Decision: C.4 (Predefined entities)

>Yes, but which recommendations?  Sorry to be obtuse.  I don't see how
>the W3C can usefully make general recommendtions about entity sets in
>all languages -- they're not available in C, for example!  I'm not trying
>to be awkward.  It is really not clear to me that a recommendation that
>the W3C makes about HTML (presumably) should automatically apply to XML.
I'm still trying to catch up on my email, so I may be commenting out
of line. It seems to me that having a predefined set of *required*
entities (other than those needed for escaping markup) is a BAD idea.

I have no problem with a *recommended* set of entites, or even a
*required* set that all XML systems must understand. I cannot see why
these need to be intriduced that the syntactical level.

Also, with HTML compatability: I have no problem with recommended
behaviour for HTML documents, but again, including it at the
syntactical level is a bit ugly, to say the least.

(Now I'll go off an get caught up, red the spec, and turn bright red
after I find this has all be resolved...)