Re: Recent ERB votes

> >But we already KNOW the cost of kluges. They are _expensive_. DynaWeb is
> >_expensive_. DTD-specific converters are _expensive_. Panorama is expensive
> >because most of your users will never download it, and your information will
> >be lost. If these kluges were cheap, I would wait a few years for the
> >network to speed up, and processors to speed up and would just put raw SGML
> >on the Web.
> I wouldn't call any of these kludges...

They are kludges in that they are short-term measures while we wait for the
deployment of ubiquitous generic markup browsers with features more like
those of SoftQuad's Explorer and EBT's DynaText - generic markup native,

I suspect that some form of smart SGML server will always exist, but it will
not always serve such "dumb" clients.

 Paul Prescod