Re: Recent ERB votes

At 12:30 PM 11/6/96 -0800, Tim Bray wrote:
> - In order to make it possible that a valid HTML document can be a valid
>   XML document, the XML spec will state that XML processors, when they are 
>   processing HTML documents, should recognize, in a built-in way, that the 
>   elements declared as EMPTY for HTML 3.2 (BR, HR, IMG, etc.) are empty even
>   without syntactic indication.  The manner in which an XML processor
>   is to decide whether a document is HTML is not constrained by the spec.

Wow! It's utterly amazing how quickly a whole lot of hard-earned
credibility can disappear in one fell swoop! All of the sometimes
eloquent, frequently lucid, always opinionated technical arguments
in defense of this or that feature/exclusion/modification just became
compromised in one decision of extremely questionable value.

I wish I had the time to express my feelings completely about the state
of affairs, but I don't (perhaps the better for all of us). So all I can
say is: "I just don't get it." I hear and understand your comments, Jon,
but I think you're (the ERB) talking out both sides of your mouth.

I agree wholeheartedly with all of the disagreement to this decision.
It never should have seen the light of day. Perhaps that's why it didn't
until it became a "decision."


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