Re: ICADD support in XML [Was: SGML declaration for XML]

At 12:02 PM 11/11/96 -0500, Murray Altheim wrote:
>As part of the work I'm doing on behalf of ICADD, I'm providing an LPD to
>bridge HTML 3.2 and ICADD 2.2 for people with disabilities. I'd like to
>propose adding support for LINK (specifically IMPLICIT YES) so that the
>same proposed solution for providing ICADD support for the disabled
>community in HTML 3.2 could conceivably work for XML. At some point we may
>want to provide an XML/ICADD LPD along with the XML spec.
>I realize that LINK is not a common feature in SGML applications, but I

I don't see what the LINK features have to do with ICADD. ICADD involves
adding architectural form attributes to elements. You can do that with
ATTLIST declarations and be done (which several DTDs have already,
admirably, done). Most existing software can look at those attributes and
condition formatting or other representational characteristics based on
those attributes.

Insisting that vendors implement LINK in order to support ICADD is the
surest way to be sure no one implements ICADD, which I think would be a tragedy.