Re: Decision: C.4 (Predefined entities)

A few of the entity names are rendered on the Netscape 3.0 and MS Internet
Explorer 3.0 with suprising results.

A trailing ";" concluding an entity name for which there is a shorter
valid entity name prefix is retained as part of the text following the entity
substitution in Netscape.

That trailing ";" is discarded by MS Internet Explorer but the excess
characters are retained. 

In both browsers at least one substitution is for a wrong character:
∉ is recognized by both browsers as &not   and either "in;" or "in"
is retained after that substitution for the not, a known entity in ISO Latin 1.

Cedilla; should be cedilla; 

What is the basis for picking up the Adobe symbol font?

Netscape retains the form of unrecognized entities.

Internet Explorer retains the prefix of unrecognized entities, discarding
the ";".

At 15:17 1996/11/09 -0800, you wrote (with much deleted):
>Thus, the list of ISO entities predefined in XML is as follows (list
>courtesy of Bob Stayton, SCO):
Current anomalies in support:
>ISO Latin 1
>=======            Netscape 3.0       MS Internet 

¨ die           unknown,           ok
                    keeps ¨

&macron; macron     ok but as macr     ok but as macr
                    keeps on; or on    keeps on or on
&degree; degree     ok but as deg      ok but as deg
                    keeps ree; or ree  keeps ree or ree

¸ Cedilla   unknown, keeps all ok+keeps la
(should be &cedilla;
as lower-case)       &cedilla ok,      ok
                     keeps la; or la   keeps la la

Adobe Symbol Font
Only ones I found supported are:

>notin              wrong symbol       wrong symbol
                    keeps in; or in    keeps in; or in

>trade              unknown,           ok, as raised 
                    keeps all          smallcap TM