Empty tag solution?

As I understand the situation, the ERB wants to make an XML-subset
compatible with existing HTML browsers by including a list of empty tags in
the specification. I am not thrilled with this sort of ad hocery, but I
understand the urge to allow a smooth migration from HTML to extended HTML
to XML.

But perhaps the solution is to change the HTML DTD and instances, instead of
the XML standard. What if we changed the content model of all X-HTML empty
elements so that they were no longer empty. Then an X-HTML document would
look like this:

<P> This is an <IMG SRC="foo.gif"></IMG><BR></BR>
And a background sound <BGSOUND HREF="sound.au"></BGSOUND>

This isn't valid HTML, but neither is HTML with XML tags in it. NS 3.0 and
IE 3.0 seem to support it. Those who want to do generic markup in other DTDs
using traditional authoring tools can do the same thing. Get rid of the
empty elements, fix up the existing documents and wait for real XML support.

 Paul Prescod
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