Re: Case sensitivity in markup

[Martin Bryan:]

| The one question I have is "Why the rush?" Given that WG8 may discuss
| this issue next week, while i18n will discuss it the week after, could
| we not hold this discussion off for a fortnight to allow a more
| detailed discussion of it. I would particularly like to raise this
| question at the i18n conference in Seville, probably on November 21st
| when the problems of the internationalization of HTML are due to be
| discussed. It seems silly to force XML members to answer this question
| before the acknowledged experts in the field meet to discuss it.

Two reasons:

1. We are releasing a spec on November 19 and this issue has to be
addressed in it.

2. This will either force the "acknowledged experts in the field" to
stop discussing this and come to a decision, or it will give us a
direction in which to proceed.  It takes some time for a W3C Working
Draft to become a Proposed Recommendation and finally an official
Recommendation.  If the I18N experts come to a decision that differs
from the choice we make now, then we can change the Working Draft.  If
they don't, that's OK, too.  But in any event, we are not dependent on
their schedule.