Re: OMITTAG specifications in element declarations

"Eve L. Maler" <elm@arbortext.com> wrote:

> In XML, we've tossed out OMITTAG.  However, there's a question about
> whether we allow the "omitted tag minimization" parameter in XML
> element declarations.
> I feel we should, so that existing DTDs that provide these specifications
> don't need to be maintained in two separate versions, one for SGML and
> one for XML.  [...]

Given that the current XML draft doesn't support
parameter entities, name groups for ELEMENT and ATTLIST
declarations, AND groups, content models denoting
mixed content where #PCDATA appears anywhere other
than as the _first_ token in a repeatable OR group,
inclusion and exclusion exceptions, and probably a few
others, it looks like XML-SGML compatibility will be
pretty much limited to document instances in any case.

Since most SGML users will have to rewrite their DTDs
to make them XML-able anyway, leaving out the omitted
tag minimization parameter doesn't seem like that big
a deal...

--Joe English