XML Draft Specification V0.01 of 1st November

The first semi-public release of our draft spec is now available for 
your review and comment.  

Do pay close attention to the various disclaimers and notices near the
top of the document.  If you see something that seems really wrong, it
may just be a section that's been drafted in advance of decisions having
been taken.

Intelligent review is needed at three different levels:

 1. The general structure and design of the spec
 2. The content of the spec: the XML it defines
 3. The style of the spec - spelling, punctuation, grammar, readability.

Comments may be directed either to the whole working group or directly
to the editors - to me it seems that comments in categories #1 and #2 are
more appropriately sent to the WG (particularly if they might launch a
useful discussion) - comments in category #3 might as well go straight
to Michael and myself, a lot of WG-folk probably have bruised mailboxes

Officially, speaking, the spec is a W3C Working Draft, and thus its 
canonical address is:


However, this may have a fairly lengthy update cycle.  The *working*
version, which we will try to update in near-real-time as we lead up
to a paper version to be released at SGML'96, is at:


There is an SGML version of course, but the markup is pretty dense and
we don't have a decent stylesheet yet, and the HTML output captures
the intent and argument quite well.  If someone really wants to work 
with the SGML source, and it's OK with Jon Bosak, we could make
that available.  Actually, if someone out there wanted to volunteer to
*create* a nice stylesheet, that would be wonderful.

You really need release 3 of either Navigator or Internet Explorer in 
order to see this properly - there is quite heavy use of tables and font

Cheers, Tim Bray
tbray@textuality.com http://www.textuality.com/ +1-604-488-1167