Re: A note on case sensitivity

Eve L. Maler <elm@arbortext.com> wrote:

> At 10:26 AM 10/30/96 -0800, Joe English wrote:
> >For tags you can use whatever case you like;
> >it's only the markup declarations that are affected.
> This isn't true.  Element GIs are names, too, and if you have
> NAMECASE GENERAL NO and a declaration like the following (as
> DocBook does):
> <!ELEMENT FormalPara ...>
> ...your instance had better look like this:
> <FormalPara>
> </FormalPara>

Sorry, I should have phrased that better.  What I meant
was that NAMECASE GENERAL NO only forces you to use
upper-case for SGML keywords; you can use whatever
case you like for element type names _if you're writing
your own DTD_ (of course, you have to use the same case
in instances as in the document type definition.)