Re: C.4 Undeclared entities?

lee@sq.com wrote:

> Summary of fields:
> A:    It's XML
> B:    REV="1.0"
> C:    encoding="xxx"
> D:    charset="yyy"
> E:    base="http://where.you.com/and/get/me.xml"
> F:    style set:
>         (style sheet, name, valid-devices)
>         (or whatever, probably application-dependent, we'll see)
> G:    DTD name and version and location
> H:    conformance; validity

Just for comparison's sake, in IDE/AS:

1.  We assume conforming SGML and allow a doctype.  We don't use 
it for validation, unless the user calls the parser for batch
2.  We don't need the version number.  We probably need something for
3.  Encoding and character sets are assumed to be ASCII.  That will 
change in new products.
4.  We get the base and stylesheet information from the <file tag or 
whatever the user specifies as it's surrogate in the config file.  We 
support relative pathing and have a "domain" file which serves the 
same purpose as a catalog.
5.  We use a variant of a clink to for linkends and linktypes in IDE/AS.
This will be expanded in new products.
6.  HTTP is not supported.  It is in new products.

No matter what, for XML, we get to write new code.  In our framework, 
we assume XML is an SGML subset so unless that changes, support will 
mainly be some smaller versions of existing handlers.

len bullard

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