Re: C.4 Undeclared entities?

On Mon, 28 Oct 1996 19:25:27 -0500, "Eve L. Maler" <elm@arbortext.com> wrote:

>I've been just watching the tennis match on this issue, and my allegiance
>switches with every mail message. :-)  Nonetheless, one small comment...

I don't know which end of the court your leaning toward at the moment, but
here's another argument (in case conformance to 8879 isn't important enough :-).

Consistent rules are better than inconsistent ones. We can simply say:

A DOCTYPE declaration is always required. If there is a DTD, indicate that by
locating the external subset and/or putting the declarations in the internal
subset. If there is no DTD, indicate that by the word "SYSTEM" alone.
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