Re: C.4 Undeclared entities?

Jon Bosak wrote:
> While there are no
> doubt many applications for which such a system would be inadequate, I
> found that SGML without a DTD provided me with everything that I
> wanted SGML to do as a publishing medium, with the single exception of
> validation.  A lot of other DynaText/DynaWeb users found this out,
> too.  I predict that a lot of XML users will come to the same
> conclusion.

No quarrel.  Just keep in mind that validatibility and parameterizing
the editor are very powerful requirements in the minds and contracts 
of others who will be buying these systems.  I noted this to Michael
and I note it to the list, without provably correct well-formed
where that correctness is tested under conditions of a formal 
agreement whose own validity is testable, XML is a non-starter.
The PDF/Formal Fixed Non-Revisable guys will have a field day.
Whether correct by test, or correct by construction, formal legal 
proof is required.  A DTD is easier to build than a test script
and much easier to share and interoperate.

C'mon guys.  You are screwing this pooch just to prove who has the 
smallest parser.  Kind of macho in reverse.