Re: B.10 Empty elements?

> >How does an SGML system impose this constraint?
> It doesn't, but it doesn't matter to an SGML parser since it must have the
> DTD.

Doesn't anyone here use SGML editors?
How is your unmodified SGML editor going to deal with this?
Both Adept and A/E understand NET when they read SGML, and both products
will normalise and write out SGML with no NET tags.

My <@e> suggestion (adding @ as a UCNMSTRT or LCNMSTRT character) will
at least let you create XML files with existing SGML tools.
Although if the \< suggestion is adopted, RS/RE changed, and there is
no DTD, and there are processing instructions at the start that tell
you the character set, I expect you'll need a conversion program anyway.