Re: Optional features considered harmful

> At 23:57 23/10/96 +0000, Tim Bray wrote:
> >1. external text entities are a basic necessity for authoring 
James wrote:
> I would like to point that at least one person on the ERB (me) passionately
> believes that this viewpoint is totally misguided.

Well, I'm not on the ERB, but I do not believe that external text entities
are essential for authoring.

That there are people who rely on them shows how poor our SGML tools are
right now, I suppose.  A system like Astoria is (at least in principle --
I haven't used Astoria) far better for authoring.  Or should be.

You can do text entities server-side if you like using a short perl
script.  Some web servers do this already, with either procesing
instructions or coments --
<!--#include /some/file-->
works in the Apache and (I think) NCSA servers today.