Re: C.12 types of declared values for attributes?

> Multiple IDs for an element would be nice to have in SGML97,
> but they are hardly
> essential for XML 1.0 and they would break SGML conformance.

I agree.  You can always use CDATA instead and kludge it in the application.

I would argue, in fact, that XML might as well not have an ID attribute
type at all.  Just CDATA.  Then have an application convention that a
string in an attribute of the form ref.xxx refers to a corresponding
(case sensitive) string in an attribute of the form ref.xxx, where the xxx
must be the same in both cases.

When the arbitrary restriction is lifted in SGML 97, you can declare
the IDs to be IDs instead of CDATA if you like.

This proposal works without a DTD, and with a DTD gives documents that
parse correctly in SGML.

    I was going to write a short note on case sensitivity, but it grew too
    long to fit in the margin, and will follow.