Re: B.1 and B.2 results

>>In particular, I think Tim is at least misleading to say 'the
>>smokescreen about "it's the entity not the file" is just that'.
>Actually, it's the storage object, not the entity, and it isn't a
>The parser sees *everything* in the entity, but several entities can
>be stored in a single storage object. The storage object can contain
>things that aren't in any SGML entities.
>None of this is new; FSIs are just a new formalism for something
>we've always had. See notes 1 and 2 in clause 6.1 of ISO
>8879. [295:2-8]

Thank you Charles. This is a good clarification and is the way I
understand things (the best kind of clarification is one that agrees
with your position ;-)).

I should note that a *further* reason for both FSI's and MIME-based
storage managers is that email will potentially be an important
delivery mechanism for XML. Both FSI's and MIME are perfectly suited
for this.

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