Re: C.14 Enumerations in attribute declarations?

On Wed, 23 Oct 1996 02:28:53 -0500, Robert Streich <streich@slb.com> wrote:

>Although I very much want this behavior so that I don't have to explain
>to people why they have to use 1s and 0s in CALS table markup, I think we
>should defer it to a future version of XML once the SGML revision has
>been completed.

I agree with Robert -- multiple enumerations are desirable, but not worth
breaking conformance for. 

Another option would be to use the General Architecture "Lextype" declaration,
which is standardized:

<!attlist elemtype1 att1 nmtokens #implied att2 nmtokens #implied 
              lextype cdata #fixed "att1 YesOrNo att2 YesOrNo">

where "YesOrNo" is a lexical type name for which a model is defined in a
separate "lexical definition document". 

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