D.2 DTD summaries (a la NSGML)?

On 30 October 1996, the ERB will vote to decide the following
question.  A straw poll indicates the question needs further
discussion in the work group.

D.2 Should XML provide shorthand ways of summarizing the salient
points a document's DTD?

  * empty elements
  * mixed-content or element-content elements
  * required attributes
  * default attribute values
  * identity of ID and IDREF(S) attributes
  * identity of CONREF attributes (if allowed)
  * other?

If so,
  * D.2 a.  Should such short-hand summaries be required?
  * D.2 b.  Allowed in place of DTDs?
  * D.2 c.  Allowed in addition to DTDs?
  * D.2 d.  If so, is inconsistency between the DTD and the summary
            an error?
  * D.2.e.  A reportable error?