Re: B.10 Empty elements?

At 10:40 24/10/96 +0100, Martin Bryan wrote:
>>I agree.  I admit I still like <@this> best, but <this/> would work as well.
>>As would <this!> I suppose, which hass a nice imperative feel to it...
>The difference between these two is that the use of @ is simply applying an 
>application convention to naming of elements while the / implies a new type
>of delimiter to complement TAGC, or a remapping of NET which requires NET to
>have a different behaviour in SGML and XML. In SGML NETs always occur in
>pairs. You cannot have <emp/ without another / to mark the end of the

Yes, you can. Using <emp/ *enables* you to close the element with another /,
but does not require it.  If emp is declared as EMPTY, then no end tag is
allowed whether you use <emp/ or <emp>.