Re: ERB decisions on A.17, B.9, and other questions

At 16:50 23/10/96 -0400, Gavin Nicol wrote:

>As I said earlier, SDATA, or some form of entity typing mechanism,
>seems to me to be crucial to building a good distributed 
>character/glyph/font registry/resolution mechnism. I wish to be
>able to do something like:
>    <!ENTITY foo SDATA "[unicode=XXX glyphid=XXXX charid=XXXX]" >
>and to be able to resolve/process that on my local system.

Why can't you build your mechanism using normal elements

 <!ENTITY foo '<glyph unicode="XXX" glyphid="XXXX" charid="XXXX"/>'>

?  I don't find the argument that "my DTD may not have a glyph element" very
convincing: most SGML DTDs are certainly going to need modifying to support XML.