Re: ERB decisions on A.17, B.9, and other questions

> I think it's worth noting that both Windows 95 and Windows NT have such a
> driver (ie you can feed Unicode characters to TextOut).

True -- does it handle the combining characters now?

> In other words given
> <!entity auml "&#228;">
> an intelligent XML-based application could give an error message referring
> to character entity "auml".

Also true, although given
<!Entity Jakob 'J&#228;k&#246;b'>
what does it do?
	Unknown character 246 in entity Jakob
is better than
	Unknown character 246
I agree, just as
	unknown image: jakob.gif
is better than
	Unsupported image type or file not found
but both are worse than
	missing image file jakob.gif [box of cream crakckers]

HTML wins here with ALT for images.
Let's follow that lead with ALT for images of characters.