Re: Non-Unicode characters, SDATA, etc.

>I have to admit that I could continue to do the same thing with them as I
>do now: run them through TeX (I still find it hard to believe how
>dependent I am on that wonderful life saver) and render them as GIF, but
>if I'm stuck with that then there's one more thing that I don't get from
>XML that it seems HTML will provide for....hmmmmm.

HTML doesn't do anything at all here, because it doesn't have 
subdecl's and the character repertoire is the same - ISO 10646.

I guess what you mean is that this is another problem that XML
will not solve any better than current HTML - based solutions.

BTW. SDATA, or something like it, is crucial to the idea for
font services that I have -- we do need a way of specifying
"type" for entities.