Re: B.10 Empty elements?

At 11:08 AM 10/23/96, Tim Bray wrote:
>18 months ago, I would have agreed.  Now, there are many millions of
>people who have got used to <IMG> and <BR> and <HR> and so on.
>Technically, I *prefer* <e/>.  But I'm going to vote for SGML/HTML

   HTML compatibility is a very good argument. (close to knock-down,
drag-out, to me). What I don't like is that the <e> format requires a DTD
for XML processing (or partial DTD, which seems confusing to me), and <e/>
does not. I think the foreign syntax is easy to justify given the
elimination of the need for any DTD information. Easier than the
explanation that you have to declare "just one little thing" if you don't
have a DTD, but do use empty elements.

   Your mileage may vary.

  -- David

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