Re: Non-Unicode characters, SDATA, etc.

At 07:03 PM 10/22/96 -0400, Gavin Nicol wrote:
>>So: what applications are going to become severely XML-impaired
>>if we lack the nice out-of-band SDATA signaling mechanism?
>While you could argue that gaiji are not really our concern, it
>is important to note that in Japan, many, many gaiji exist.

Footnote: gaiji are ad-hoc kanji; that is to say, brand-new Chinese-style
characters created for proper name or corporate use.  [Why can't we do
this in English?  Just 26 characters is so, y'know, pedestrian, and limits
*my* creative expression every day.] Gaiji are not exactly ubiquitous, but 
quite commercially important.  Sigh.