Re: B.10 Empty elements?

1)  I still prefer <e></e> and have seen no logical arguments to
convince me otherwise.  Yes, it makes it impossible to distinguish
between events and lack of content.  That is NOT a showstopper
for me.

2)  Failing that, ANY system that marks them, and is internally 
symetrical will do.
By symetry, I mean that it starts and ends with the same character.
I mean that <e/>, </>, <qwqwqwq>, and #r# are fine and "<e" is NOT.

3)  Far last choice is the current SGML situation, which confuses
new users, is hard to teach, and (stack or no stack) is not pretty to parse.

An element is a container.  Let all elements that start, end, even if that 
end is logically the same place.

--Debbie Lapeyre

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