Re: B.10 Empty elements?

|   B.10 What form should EMPTY elements take, if there are EMPTY elements
|   in XML:  <e>, <e/, or <e></e> (where '/' is assumed the NET string)
|   (7.3, 11.2.3)?

Since this question remains open, as far as I can tell, let me just
log another favorable response to the <e/> idea, which I think was
originally advanced by James Clark.  It looks and feels more natural
than <e/ by having the universal tag-ender >, while also containing
the / which suggests end-ness to us all; it doesn't make the user feel
irritated the way <long-tag-name></long-tag-name> is going to do; and
by differentiating the EMPTY elements even without a DTD it tidily
resolves the problem of knowing what's going to have an end-tag and
what ain't.

John Lavagnino

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