Re: C.15 New methods for attribute defaults?

> C.15 Should XML define new specific methods of inferring values for
> attributes with no attribute-value specifications (11.3.4)?  E.g.
> INHERITED, to signify that the value is taken from the attribute of
> the same name (and type) on the smallest enclosing element with such
> an attribute.

I have always wanted INHERITED, dreamed of real container-contained 
database-style inheritance, cursed #CURRENT (now gone!) as much worse 
than useless.  But I vote "no" here, abandoning rather *old* dreams.

   a)  In the interests of reuse, never build in more sequential 
dependencies that are absolutely necessary.
   b)  This would need more specification than seems wise to prevent 
really ugly abuses.  
   c)  Architectural forms are much cleaner!

--Debbie Lapeyre