Re: B.1 and B.2 results

As you rightly noted, you'll not convince me on this:

> o It is valuable to include a way for a document, in its own syntax and
>   in its own encoding, to signal what that encoding is; as a reminder to
>   the author, as self-defence against incompetent webmasters and 
>   overaggressive conversion services.

This is the thing I find to be BAD (Broken As Designed). 

>But I don't think this makes up for the irritation of having to insert
>a header that's in a different syntax and encoding from the rest of the
>file.  Obviously, external information should be in the correct format
>for the external delivery vehicle.  Internal information should be in
>the syntax and encoding of the document.

If it's a header, it should look and act like one, and should
*not* be part of the data.

Again, let's not revisit the idiocy in <META>, or <CODESET>.